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Are The Migos Breaking Up Due To Offset’s Engagement To Cardi B?

The world is happy for “Love and Hip Hop” alum Cardi B and Offset of rap group Migos. In the proposal seen around the world, the lyricist asked his leading lady to marry him to which she responded with an understandably elated “Yes.” Although an upcoming wedding is always a positive event to look forward to, rumors are swirling that this could be an end to Migos as we know it.

In a new report, Media Take Out claims that an insider told them that the other members of Migo weren’t happy about the engagement. They reportedly backed up this statement by referring to an interview that the group cut short after the journalist asked about the proposal.

In the video, Quavo and Takeoff have no expression on their faces while Offset speaks on his relationship with Cardi, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a problem with it.

The source told the site that: “Quavo and Takeoff think the whole Cardi -Offset thing is a circus. They don’t want their group associated with that. Migos is all about REAL HIP HOP, not some Love And Hip Hop sh*t. But Offset’s in love.”

They go on to say: “The group was always looking to go their own way. Cardi and Offset are making it happen sooner.”

Fans who follow the group know that the members all have separate projects that they work on from time to time but always find their way back to each other to make more music.

With the release of “Culture 2” approaching, this news has got us wondering if it could be the last we hear of the trio.

However, a recent Instagram post shows no sign of the Migos growing apart at all.

Quavo must have heard that people were worried about the state of the group because he posted a photo of them together with a caption that read “We Together.”


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