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Bill Cosby Has A “Bizarre” Way Of Looking At His Sentencing Today

Bill Cosby’s sentencing has already finished today, but the verdict hasn’t been revealed yet. According to a report from Radar Online, the leadup to Bill’s final day as a free man was filled with family drama, fighting, and in some cases, jokes.

Supposedly, his family threw him a “going away party,” the night before he went to prison. Bill allegedly made jokes about the infamous attorney, Gloria Allred, the day before standing before the judge.

An insider explained, “Bill’s family was having a lot of fun until Gloria Allred appeared on the TV screen.” Radar Online reports that Bill called her a “porch pirate,” accusing her of being “out for the money.”

Reportedly, Cosby flew in his designer to make him two new suits for his sentencing, and in the meantime, he cracked a joke about prison that his wife, Camille, didn’t find amusing.

His tailor came all the way from Alabama, and Cosby joked that maybe he made nice “orange jumpsuits.” As you may know, Cosby and Camille have been married since 1964, despite the fact, nearly one hundred women have accused him of egregious sexual misconduct.

Cosby and his wife have fought a lot over the years and even lived in separate houses for the longest time. After they got into a fight last night, Camille left the home.

The court and jury convicted Bill on three charges of aggravated sexual assault and drugging, earning him a maximum of thirty years in prison. North America is patiently waiting for the conclusion to arguably one of the biggest sex abuse scandals ever in Hollywood.

Moreover, the source speaking to Radar Online stated that Bill still believes it’s possible he won’t get a prison sentence. Bill said his family gathering was a “going away party,” but his problems would vanish, “but not him.”

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