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Everyone thought they were on good terms… did something change?

Long before the internet was obsessed with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper getting together, and even before the pop star’s most recent engagement to her agent (which has since ended), there was Taylor Kinney. Kinney and Gaga dated for years, and were even engaged before they called it quits… but it seems like Kinney is being pretty shady online to his former fiancé.

Here’s your background information: Gaga and Kinney first met when he played her on-screen love interest in her “You & I” music video. They dated for four years before Taylor proposed on Valentine’s Day in 2015.

The singer turned actress announced they were taking a break in 2016 with a very sweet Instagram post, considering the circumstances.

She posted a photo of the actor on Instagram, with the caption, “Taylor and I have always believed we are soulmates.”

“Just like all couples we have ups and downs, and we have been taking a break,” Gaga continued. “We are both ambitious artists, hoping to work through long-distance and complicated schedules to continue the simple love we have always shared.”

When A Star is Born came out, it seemed like there was nothing but love between the former couple. Kinney spoke to Us Weekly about Gaga’s hard work, saying, “I couldn’t be more proud.”

“I know what went into it, it’s been a long time coming … It’s been years … to see what people go through to be in that, you can kind of let the masses make decisions,” the 37-year-old said, admitting that he hadn’t seen the film yet. “But I think I know in my heart it’s gonna be great. And I know that she gave her all.”

So what changed?

Taylor recently shared a photo of himself with a friend on his Instagram. As Instagram users are prone to do, someone made a completely irrelevant comment on it related to his ex, writing “Stoked you got away from Gaga. #Hollyweird” which he then… liked?

It’s a subtle form of shade for sure, but shady none the less.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked her point blank about the rumors, the Grammy winner rolled her eyes with the kind of drama she usually saves for the big screen.

“Yes, people saw love and—guess what—that’s what we wanted you to see,” she explained of their performance at the Oscars. “Look, I’ve had my arms wrapped around Tony Bennett for three years touring the world. When you’re singing love songs, that’s what you want people to feel.”


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